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Evolution through
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Located in the rugged Northland hills of Tangowahine Valley, north of Dargaville, New Zealand, is the Matauri Angus Stud. First established in 1945, the number of females has steadily risen to number over 300 in 2021.

The supply of commercial sires for the New Zealand grass finished beef market is the cornerstone of our market.

In addition stud sires and females are sold throughout New Zealand and embryos and semen sold worldwide.

In 2020 the Matauri Angus herd transferred ownership from the Maxwell family after 75 years of faithful breeding to the Pymm and Parsons families who farm the 600 ha steep hill country farm called Ashgrove.

At Matauri Angus our breeding program is based on the following commercial disciplines:

  • Females are fed grass only and run on steep hill country at a high stocking rate
  • Calving takes place in late spring allowing feed demand to fit the natural grass growth curve.
  • Heifers are mated as yearlings to calve as two year olds and all females must rear a live calf every year.

Phenotype and structural soundness rank above EBV’s in importance within our program. The balance of these three key elements with minimal compromise is seen by Matauri Angus to be the art of cattle breeding.


70 years and counting...

Three generations of the Maxwell Family have been involved in the breeding that forms the background of Matauri Angus, with the fourth generation being the Pymm and Parsons families building on the solid foundation laid by the Maxwell’s, with a fifth generation starting to get involved.

The purebred Angus operation started with the first registered calves being born on Peter Maxwell’s property at Mangamuka Bridge in the Hokianga in 1958. This herd was run under the Ballochmyle prefix and was farmed on fairly challenging hill country. Peter’s son Bruce Maxwell followed on and established the Matauri prefix with registered calves born from 1964. One of the first bulls Bruce Maxwell purchased was a Te Karaka bull from Tangowahine, Dargaville, of Puketutu bloodlines. This was an outstanding bull that had a big influence on the Matauri herd. Colin Maxwell, Bruce’s son remembers accompanying his father to the auction at Te Karaka Angus as a 9 year old and being really excited about the purchase.

Black Banner of Matauri, born in 1966, became the first widely used Matauri sire. Matauri gained Australasian recognition when a son of Black Banner was exported to Koojan Hills Stud in Western Australia; this was the first of a number of Matauri bulls to be exported. Colin Maxwell was the next generation to lead Matauri Angus and drove some ground breaking initiatives in NZ cattle breeding.  Without question the most influential sire in NZ was Matauri Reality 839 born in 2008. No other NZ bull has had the influence of Reality 839 throughout NZ beef herds.

Since the early days, Matauri Angus has continually evolved and embraced pioneering practices. They were only the second Angus stud within New Zealand to adopt the method of calving heifers as two year olds. They were also one of the first herds to use Beefplan, the first available weight recording system within New Zealand.

In 2020 after three generations in the Maxwell family, Matauri Angus changed hands from Colin Maxwell at Matauri Bay Rd, to the Pymm and Parsons families in Tangowahine, Dargaville. In a twist of fate, the herd is now on the same property that was home to Te Karaka Angus which bred that outstanding foundation sire of the Matauri Angus herd back in the 60’s. The Parsons and Pymm families are continuing in the tradition of Matauri Angus, breeding leading maternal cows that perform on hard hill country for discerning clients.


Matauri also became the first stud in New Zealand to recognise the importance of Scrotal Data and to use it as an integral part of the selection process.

Matauri Angus will continue to seek out and implement new and improved methods to ensure that the very best bulls possible will be available to its clients, both commercial breeders and stud breeders.


- Evolution through Commercial Discipline -

2022 Sales


Monday 4th October, 2021 – 12.30pm

585 Murray Rd, Tangowahine Valley, Dargaville, Northland

Check our catalogue for details.

OPEN DAY on Friday 1st October to get a look at the bulls in advance or alternatively by appointment.



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    At Matauri Angus we have a range of stud sires available for your breeding requirements. All AI sires must pass stringent standards for structural fundamentals along with temperament before being included in our lineup. With the overall genetic pool of the Angus breed becoming far too narrow we strive to provide a wide range of outcross options to breeders. Balanced EBV’s, carcass data and high growth performance are important criteria for the selection process.


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    At Matauri Angus we provide a professional service for all your embryo requirements. We can flush embryos of your choice from any of our highest performing females. The herd has upwards of 200 females available. Please contact us for further information.


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    Meet the Team

    Colin Maxwell - Matauri Angus

    Colin Maxwell

    Colin until 2020 was the principle at Matauri Angus after taking over from Bruce Maxwell, Colin's father in the 70's. Being involved in breeding cattle through his entire life Colin is lucky enough to have made his passion into a successful career in the Angus breed. Today Colin acts in an advisory role to new owners Travis and Kirra Pymm who farm in partnership with James Parsons and his family

    Travis and Kirra Pymm - Matauri Angus

    Travis and Kirra Pymm

    Travis and Kirra are business partners and manage the Matauri Angus programme and Ashgrove farming operation. Passionate about cattle and sheep breeding they bring uncompromising attention to detail on structure and performance recording. Originally from the United States, Travis and Kirra with their son Sawyer are totally immersed in the Kiwi farming way of life. They are supported on farm by shepherd Josh Jenkins.

    James Parsons - Matauri Angus

    James Parsons

    James is a passionate breeder also, with a strong background in sheep genetics. A former shearer, farmer and known to many for his industry governance roles with Beef + Lamb NZ as a former Chairman. Beef + Lamb Genetics as a founding director, OSPRI and Wools of New Zealand directorships. Less hands on these days James and his family are still deeply involved as shareholders and James as supervisor of the farming business. Additionally James acts as an AgFirst farm consultant in Northland.


    • Travis Pymm - Farm Manager and Shareholder at

      +64 (9) 4397749
      +64 (0) 2108695082

      James Parsons - Farm Supervisor and Shareholder
      +64 (0) 212063208

      Fram location:
      585 Murray Road,
      RD2 Dargaville 0372

    • +64 (9) 4397749
    • +64 (0) 212063208

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